with Susan Rush

Yoga Classes in Bath

Retreat to my weekly Conscious Living Yoga classes in Bath, on the Eastern edge of Bath.

Classes are based on years of experience and a desire to share knowledge from my inspiring teachers and students whom I have met along my path.

I love interweaving elements of yoga and Ayurveda together in my classes. Practice is part of an overall approach to Conscious Living. 

I believe Yoga has benefits for us all – increasing strength, resilience and flexibility, lowering stress levels and nourishing us, as well as balancing energy levels and optimising the systems of our bodies.

For our Conscious Living, health and longevity, gentle exercise needs to be a part of our daily routine.

Outline of the classes

All classes are classically rooted, allowing you to engage your whole body and breath. As the class un-folds I work on many levels, tailored to the needs of the individual/group, depending on the season, environment and weather.

Yoga brings transformation and connection through the conscious awareness of movement, postures and our breath. Through a combination of observation and gentle alignment cues, I help enable your body to reorganise any postural patterns. This helps you enhance and evolve your practice.

Classes close with an opportunity for community and connecting, over homemade chai or superfood chocolate elixirs and Ayurvedic treat.

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Specialised classes

I also offer a number of specialised classes, focusing on individual’s specific needs.

Yoga for the Doshas

Ayurveda is based on nature’s five elements. These elements are represented in the body by three doshas; Vata (Space + Air), Pitta (Fire + Water) and Kapha (Earth)

Balancing the doshas restores you to health and vitality, returning you to your best self!

Each “Dosha Yoga Class” is based on Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

Read more about the Doshas >

1:1 Teaching

A tailored practice to meet your personal outcomes. It can also be specifically developed for your body type and Dosha.

Chair Yoga

If doing yoga on the floor is not an option for you, come to a chair Yoga Class.

This class helps build and maintain movement, fitness and vitality.

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Yoga in Organisations

Yoga provides many benefits within work settings both as part of your “Wellness” agenda (building resilience, managing stress, taking time out) and as a boost to creativity, collaboration and personal performance and productivity.

These classes can be provided on your premises and will be tailored to specific needs/outcomes and can include elements of yoga, breathing, meditation and chair/desk yoga.

Periodic workshops

Improve your breathing

We breathe without thinking and yet good breathing underpins our health and wellbeing. In yoga, the breath or “prana”, is considered our life force. 

However, in our hectic, modern and often stressful lives we loose touch with this, often breathing in a shallow and erratic fashion, leading to disease (dis-ease), anxiety and associated symptoms.

In this workshop we learn to reconnect with our breath, learning a number of yogic breathing techniques. This enable us to restore our health and vitality, increase our focus, reduce anxiety and relax.

Improve your sleep

Lack of sleep, due to our 24-hour-always-on-brightly-lit-fully-connected-lifestyle, is emerging as one of the main inhibitors to happiness, performance and a balanced life.

This is leading to an increased reliance on sleep medication or even self-medication through drugs and alcohol that may knock us out, but do not result in the deep restful sleep we need for true recovery and revitalisation.

In this workshop we explore what yoga, Ayurveda and other alternative sources can provide to enable us to have the sleep we need and deserve.

You will leave with a range of yoga techniques, Ayurvedic remedies, routines and approaches to enhance their natural sleep.

Yoga and Ayurveda for the menopause

In this workshop we consider the symptoms and impacts of peri/menopause and how elements of Conscious Living (yoga practice and an Ayurvedic diet, herbs and routines) can support us through this time. 

An introduction to Ayurvedic cooking

Ayurvedic nutrition is a key element of our Conscious Living and this “hands on” course gives an overview of Ayurvedic principles as applied to food, along with the healing and balancing effects of herbs and spices. 

Preparing a delicious shared meal made with ayurvedically seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices. 

You will leave with an understanding of Ayurvedic nutrition and eating principles, as well as a few recipes and a seasonal spice mix to get you started. 


I host bespoke yoga retreats for up to 5 people, combining yoga, meditation, Ayurveda (diet, lifestyle and treatments) and Ayurvedic snacks/lunch.

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