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Ayurvedic treatments in Bath, therapies and prices

Living consciously is what Ayurveda is all about

Ayurveda is about Conscious Living and the delicate balance of our mind, body and spirit.

With this in mind, and so I can support you with these facets of your being, I offer the following traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

There is also a choice of consultation type, which you can read about below.

You can also have any of these treatments as standalone treatments.

Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurvedic consultations – online or in person

A consultation to establish your body type and imbalances (Dosha). Through a series of questions and observations including Jihva Pariksha (Tongue Diagnosis) ~ offering a comprehensive tailor-made treatment plan.

Establishing the reason for consultation and presenting symptoms and complaints.

Enquiring into your lifestyle, routines and daily habits – sleep, diet, exercise.

Making considered recommendations (all carried out by you in the comfort of your own home) ~ daily rhythms, foods/diet, herbs, massage and yoga/breathwork.

Treatment plans are emailed. Thereafter a follow up consultation is made.

Initial consultation (75mins) – £70

Follow up consultation (35mins) – £35

Ayurvedic body treatments

Abhyanaga ~ Full Body Massage        

A traditional sequence of flowing movements using a warm herbal oil. This massage aims to improve your lymph flow, stimulate your immune system and revitalise your whole body.

60mins – £60

Marma Abhyanga ~ Energy Point Full Body Massage

Massaging the Marma (energy) points on the body, during a full body massage, encourages the flow of vital energy (Prana) for health and wellbeing.

90mins – £90

Udvartana ~ Body Scrub Massage

Using herbal powders and warm oil, this massage exfoliates, tones and detoxifies. It will leave your skin soft and glowing. This is also traditionally used in an Ayurvedic weight loss plan as it removes congestion and toxins in the body.

60mins – £60

Pristha Abhyanga ~ Back Massage

A therapeutic muscle relaxing massage, it will release and unblock tension and stress in your back.

45mins – £45

Pinda Sveda ~ Herbal Bolus Massage

A revitalising and de-stressing treatment to help alleviate aches and pains in muscles and joints. Dipped into warm oil (chosen to suit your body type), two muslin boluses with poultices of herbal powders are used to massage and detoxify your body.  

45mins – £45 (Back only)

60mins – £60 (Full body)

Pada Abhyanga ~ Foot Massage with Marma Points

A holistic massage of your lower leg and foot. Focusing on activating Marma (energy) points from the soles of the foot and lower leg – this treatment is invigorating and creates a sense of balance in the rest of your body.

45mins – £45

Nabhi Abhyanga ~ Abdominal Massage

This comforting massage of the abdominal area and hips eases digestive complaints such as bloating and constipation. It also aids weight loss as part of an Ayurvedic weight loss plan.

45mins – £45

Basti (localised massage)

A localised massage, where the oil is held or contained, is called a Basti Therapy. Basti means ‘bladder’ i.e. something that holds. In these treatments the Basti is made of a ring of gram or wheat dough and placed on the body in a specific area. The Basti is then filled with warm oil and the area within is gently massaged.

45mins – £45

Kati Basti for treatment of lower back pain, including sciatica and nerve disorders.

Greeva Basti for neck problems and related ailments, where there is stress and tension.

Hridaya Basti for the heart area, helping relieve nervousness, anxiety and fear.

Ayurvedic face and head treatments

Indian Head Massage

A traditional massage of the head, neck and shoulders. This can be done with or without warm herbal oil. It is relaxing, as well as invigorating. A treat for all five senses! Wonderfully nourishing for your scalp and hair.

30mins – £15 (without oil)

30mins – £25 (with oil)

Mukhabyanga ~ Head, Face and Neck Massage

Ayurveda has gifted us with the unique art and knowledge of Rasayana – Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy. We would like to live longer and be healthier AND also like to look younger. Ayurveda says ‘Don’t put anything on your skin that you cannot put on your tongue’. This is a traditional facelift massage, which also includes some neck exercises and breathing practices, is said to be anti aging and beautifying. For best results this massage would be repeated every 6 weeks.

40mins – £45

Shirodhara ~ Forehead Oil Flow                                                    

The King and Queen of treatments, resulting in a deep state of bliss and relaxation. I start by giving you a gentle face and head massage to relax your body and mind. Then, using a traditional copper Shirodhara pot, a continuous stream of warm medicated oil is gently poured over your forehead and third eye (chakra) point in rhythmical movements. Deeply soothing and relaxing, this treatment can relieve stresses from your mind.

60mins – £60

Ayurvedic treatments for the senses

Karana Purana ~ Ear Treatment

A relaxing treatment of the ears where warm sesame oil is gently applied into the ears. It is helpful with tinnitus among other ear related problems.

40mins – £30

Nasya ~ Nasal Cleansing Treatment

A gentle facial is followed by drops of warm herbal oils, applied into the nose. This treatment can help relieve you of recurring headaches. It is also beneficial if you experience hay fever or if you are susceptible to colds.

40mins – £30

Akshitarpana ~ Eye Treatment

This unique eye treatment brings relief to stressed, tired, burning and watery eyes. A Basti (a ‘holding’ well of flour dough) is placed around the eyes, and warmed ghee (clarified butter) is gently poured into the well over your eye.

40mins – £30

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